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2010 Mini Workshops!

Every workshop has a minimum and maximum number of students. Some will be offered several times from Tuesday through Friday. If there are not enough students signed up for a particular workshop, it may be canceled at the discretion of the instructor.

This is a fun project for scrapbooking, journaling, and bookmaking. The result will be a one-of-a-kind finished piece of art that can be used in numerous projects. Students will use 3 different types of paint, all easily available at any art or craft supply store. Students will also use pastel papers and 100# card stock to marble on. The results are unique and different, ending in art that cannot be duplicated. A hand out is provided with the necessary information to continue this project at home including resources for purchasing all the tools and materials used in class. Do not miss this highly requested workshop!
(Note: Students should bring protective clothing such as a craft apron or just wear old clothes, as this tends to get a little messy). Instructor: Anne Bowers, $25.00 (includes all supplies) 2.5 hours.
Max 15 students

peyote stitch Have you always wanted to learn how to weave beads in peyote stitch? Now is your chance. In this workshop, you will learn how to weave a flat strip of peyote beaded fabric. A starter kit will be available
(Supplies to bring: Lamp and extension cord, Small scissors, Eye wear if you need it for close work)
Instructor: Ellen Marshall, $15, Starter kit fee: $15, 2 hours
Max 10 students

Materials: Each participant will be provided with a felt-tip calligraphy pen and practice papers. Paper for a small finished example will also be provided.
Additional pens and papers will be available to purchase.
Instructor: Meta Strick, $35 (includes both sessions) 2 hours each session
Max 8 students

Play is at the heart of creativity. Expand your creativity making books out of one piece of paper using a variety of materials and techniques. Learn how to carve your own rubber stamps, and include your stamp designs with paint, color, images, and three-dimensional objects to create a unique book or two. Discover how fun it is to mix up the media and the techniques with stuff like embossing Fun Foam, carving rubber stamps for stamps or texture sheets and much more. Instructors will supply many different materials including polymer clay, Lumiere paints, Pearl Ex stamping inks, carving material, carving tool, Fun Foam, rosin paper and more. 
Instructors: Meredith Arnold and Marie Segal, $58, Materials Kit Fee: $15 (Students need to bring: polymer clay tools (if they have them) or images they want to use.) 4 hours
Max 20 students

This class will be primarily for beginners, but anyone can participate. Students will learn the basic information and techniques needed when working with precious metal clay. They will make earrings and fabricate the earring findings using fine silver wire and the butane torch. Students are encouraged to create their own designs and apply them during the class. Anne will demonstrate the product and techniques step by step and the students will then work at their workstations, staying within the 4-hour goal of completing their design in the workshop. (Anne will also be available during the retreat for further help as needed). Each student will leave with 2 or 3 pair of earrings, depending upon their design—wearable at the end of the workshop. Students will learn the basic information and techniques needed when working with precious metal clay.
Additional wire may be purchased for the extra earrings. A tool kit is provided for the students to use and may be purchased at the end of the retreat. Safety glasses will be available for firing and gloves are provided for the dipping process. Handout sheets are provided, and it is recommended that students arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of class to familiarize themselves with the product and some of the written instructions.
Instructor: Anne Bowers, $40 (includes all materials); 4 hours
Max 15 students

Debbie Make an Impression Learn to make an intriguing collection of highly textured polymer clay beads using deeply cut rubber stamps, metallic foils, powders and paints. You will assemble and complete an elegant necklace with your own hand-made toggle clasp. Create some matching earrings to complete the set.
Special added bonus! Make an assortment of buttons and embellishments with stamps and Debbie's generous selection of molds as time allows. Use them for wearables, altered book covers, bead caps, cards and more! If you want to be in a playful mood, this class is for you!
(Includes all materials except polymer clay. Materials List - bring six 2 ounce packs of Premo in dark colors including 2 of black, 2 soft brushes in assorted sizes, favorite deeply-cut unmounted rubber stamps and metal or glass spacer beads with large holes if handy).
Instructor: Debbie Jackson, $45; 4 hours
Max 20 students

Pastel and Polymer Sublime surface decoration can be achieved on polymer clay using pastels! In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn new design approaches and techniques for applying pastel pow
ders and achieving a variety of looks, including batik.  
Supplies to bring: Pasta machine with clamp; cutting blades (flexible and rigid or tissue bl
ades); Solid acrylic rod (1 1/4" diameter, 12" long); smooth cutting surface (self-healing cutting mats are NOT recommended); dinner knife (or long metal palette knife); metal ruler; Sm. bottle of translucent liquid clay (Sculpey clay is recommended); waxed paper (supermarket type); plastic wrap; (small pieces of card board to bake on); lamp and extension cord; one pre-conditioned block polymer clay of each: white, black (Kato clay preferred); bag of wedge-type makeup sponges; fat, very soft-bristled brush (a makeup type is fine); assorted colors of stick pastels (the new brand, highly preferred PanPastel - in round containers). 
Instructor: Ellen Marshall; $40; 4 hours
Max 15 students  

Yes, it is really four hours of art history—but, what a fascinating topic! Presented as a survey course, we will take a brief look at women and art from prehistory, through the Renaissance, and into the modern era. We will explore some of the major issues that pertain to women in art history—such as maternity, household duties and daily life, the dichotomy of goddess or witch/virgin or whore, body image, and of course, gender discrimination. No dead white guys allowed here; instead a  few tantalizing glimpses of artists, from Artemisia Gentileschi to Judy Chicago, that will provide us with a hint of the wealth they didn’t tell us about in that other art history class! An extensive color handout will be provided. Don’t hesitate to sign up for this captivating workshop, you won’t be disappointed!
Instructor, Meta Strick; Fee: $40; 4 hours
Materials to bring: Notebook or sketchbook, pens, colored markers or pencils
Max 10 students

Lets Face it Create a trio of unusual but whimsical earrings featuring those popular metal face beads you may have seen on the market. Learn a variety of surface design techniques on polymer clay using Jones Tones Foil, metallic powders, paints, and rubber stamps. You may decide to make torsos, entire bodies or even mix-and-match the sets as your imagination flows! So, let's face it! These earrings will definitely turn heads!
Includes all needed except polymer clay.
Material List - bring one 2-ounce pack of Premo or Kato Polyclay in the color of your choice, a tube of super glue gel, 2 soft brushes in assorted sizes, and your favorite rubber stamps suitable for a torso design.
Instructor: Debbie Jackson, $30; 2 hours
Max 20 students

Carving your own rubber stamps gives you amazing freedom for combining unique designs when working with paper, fabric, polymer, and metal clays. Discover great tips and techniques for transferring an image, and easily carving a stamp. Use them right away – no waiting! Not only is it fun, it’s addicting! Students can bring images to use, if they wish, in the form of a toner based copy or print. Images will be provided so don’t feel you must bring some.
Students should bring: scissors, toner based images (optional), stamp ink colors you want to use (there will be some in the workshop!) (Materials in kit: Carving tool and two blades, Rubber Images, Handout)
Instructor: Meredith Arnold, Fee: $25 + $15 kit fee; 2 hours
Max 12 students

Paper is a very versatile material, and is idea for interesting variations on cards, envelopes, and boxes. We will explore a few paper-engineering processes and produce some relatively simple forms and structures. Examples and books will be available for inspiration, and participants will receive handouts with instructions, which will enable them to continue playing with paste and scissors.
Materials: Various weights and colors of paper and card stock will be available. Also available will be collage embellishments, scissors, needles and threads, paints and markers, and adhesives. Participants may bring their own materials as listed above. Although it is not necessary, participants may wish to bring a self-healing cutting mat.
Instructor: Meta Strick, Fee: $35 + $15 supplies; 2 hours
Max 20 students

This workshop is primarily for experienced PMC students that have some experience with Precious Metal Clay, but also for the novice PMC artist. Students will be encouraged to create their own designs and apply them during the class, provided that there will be no limitations on the result of their piece. We will discuss any limitations during the workshop with recommendations (regarding adaptations of the student's designs if necessary). The goal is to complete the ring design in class. Safety glasses and gloves are provided. Students will leave with a pinkie ring designed completely by them. This is a fun workshop to attend.
Materials supplied: a 9/1O gram packet of PMC, tools (tools will remain the property of the instructor; (additional new tool kits available for purchase).
Instructor: Anne Bowers, $40; 4 hours
Max 15 students

Image transfers have a unique quality of their own on any surface. Discover a variety of transfer processes on many different surfaces and discover an expansion in what you can do with your art. This class will cover transfers using polymers, acrylics, and pigments on paper, polymer, and fabric. This class will give you ideas on how to use transfers for making jewelry, books, journals, collage and your own unique fabrics.

Students should bring: scissors, toner-based and inkjet images (optional) Materials in kit: Acrylic and polymer mediums; Papers and fabric; Transfer ink; Images; handout.
Instructor: Meredith Arnold, $35 + $15 supplies; 4 hours
Max 12 students

Ellen Pendant In this workshop, you will learn how to bead off a specially constructed polymer pendant. After this is learned, you will appreciate how this new technique can be used to join polymer clay pieces. To create the beaded pendant, you must know how to weave beads in peyote stitch. To participate in the workshop (whether you bead or not) have at least one decorated polymer sheet ready for fashioning into a pendant.   
    Two-three, pre-decorated sheets of polymer clay
    Two ounces black polymer clay, pre-conditioned
    Beading thread (C-lon, Nymo, One –G, or Wildfire) and beading needles (I use size 10)
    Small scissors, bead wax or Thread Heaven
    Assortment of seed beads, size 11, that coordinates with the decorated clay sheets.
    Assortment of other jewelry elements such as dangles, charms, etc
Instructor: Ellen Marshall, $45; 4 hours
Max 10 students

Bulls Eye Beetles Design and create a set of charming beetles out of polymer clay using a simple bull's eye cane! Learn a variety of ways to manipulate this cane and end up with a generous supply of patterns to choose from as you construct your beetles. Find out how to make flexible antennae and legs with polymer clay! Make as many beetles as time allows, and use them for brooches, pendants, embellishments or trades. If you like playing with canes and creating some joy, this class is for you!
Materials List- bring three 2 ounce packs of polymer clay (either Fimo soft or Kato Polyclay) in 2 contrasting colors (like black and white, navy and yellow, beige and brown) plus 1 color that compliments the others. 1 tube of super glue gel.
Instructor: Debbie Jackson, $25; 2 hours
Max 20 students

PLAYING WITH RESIN (the new non/low-toxic kind) 
The look and feel of resins is so seductive how can you resist playing with them? This workshop covers two types of resin now available on the market today. These new non-toxic and low toxic resins are a blast to work with. One is a 24-hour curing, non-toxic material; the other cures under UV light on the spot for that instant gratification fix. Discover resin paper, creating resin sheets to cut shapes out of, molding resin and more. Everyone will be able to make and take a couple of pieces in this short, jam-packed workshop that is guaranteed to take the mystery out of resin. Some supplies will be available in class for purchase.
Students should bring: images they want to work with, small things to embed if they wish (like glitter, seed beads, watch parts, fibers, etc.)
(Materials in kit:  resins, images, papers, glitter, foils, bottle caps and handout)
Instructor: Meredith Arnold, $25 +Materials kit: $15; 2 hours
12 Max students

Many surface decoration techniques are applicable to paper, fabrics and polymer clay. We will focus on paper and fabric during this workshop, where we will explore various applications of paints, glazes, and dyes. We will experiment with the ways in which folding, binding, stamping, pressing, pulling, smearing, and spattering can establish deep and interesting designs and patterns. Examples and books will be available for inspiration, and handouts with suggestions, tips, and ideas will be provided. 
Materials: Various papers and fabrics will be provided, as well as paints, glazes, and dyes. Tools to apply and manipulate pigments will be available.
Instructor: Meta Strick, $35; 2 hours
Max  20 students

FUZZY BEADS - Experiment with an assortment of shimmering fusible fibers to create an unusual fuzzy texture on the clay bead surface. Randomly place prepared foil strips over the fibers to add dimension to your unique series of "Fuzzy Beads".
COLLAGE BEADS - Compose a dazzling collection of metallic beads with irregular shapes of stamped clay that has been covered with Jones Tones Foil. Adding optional glass beads, metallic powder, paints, and glitter complete your works of art!
You can use these beads for necklaces, bracelets, focal beads, and even earrings!
Materials list - bring four 2-ounce packs of Premo, Fimo Soft, or Kato Polyclay in Black and 3 packs of colors of choice.
Instructor: Debbie Jackson, $45 includes all necessary materials (except polymer clay); 4 hours
Max 20 students

The words ‘business plan’ usually make artists run the other way. But you will have fun when you create a business plan in this introductive, interactive class. Students participate in honing their own plans (including the beginnings of a marketing plan!) in short order. This process can be used again and again to revise your plan when the need arises. The key is in having clear goals because if you don’t have any goals, you’ll never get ‘there’. Many resources will be provided! 
Instructor: Meredith Arnold, $15; 2 hrs
(Meredith is the Program Coordinator for the EDGE Program at Edmonds Community College for the last 3 years. EDGE is a 50-hour professional development program for artists, created by artists in Seattle.
Students should bring note taking materials and a notebook.
Max 15 students

The project is a pin but it’s oh, so much more then that. Discover a variety of basic cane techniques that can be combined to make cane elements for your final project. Explore pattern and color in making each individual part and how they can be combined or re-combined to create pop, striking patterns and add pizzazz with my expert guidance along the way. This is definitely a learning lab for cane techniques, no prior experience required! 
Materials needed: Black and white Cernit; 3 colors for shaded stack, blue, turquoise, and green Cernit; 2 color for shaded roll- neon pink to lemon yellow Cernit. Extra colors and sheets for adding; Blade, Pasta machine,
and several 1.5” long pin backs. Students will use the leaf or teardrop sections we make and the components to embellish brooches, sculptures, and earrings… maybe more. Learn and watch how to make the cut-apart and reassembled cane section used above. Learn how playing with 3 or 4 basic canes can give you something over and above what you thought possible.
Instructor: Marie Segal, $40; 4 hours
Max    students

The centuries-old tradition of sketchbooks and journals by artists in all media is a tradition with infinite variations. We will spend four hours exploring a few of the “whys and hows” of this important and enjoyable process. Some of the many techniques appropriate to the process will be considered. Examples will be available for inspiration. Participants will be provided with materials, prompts and possibilities, and leave with their own enriched journals and sketchbooks, and a handout filled with “sketch book suggestions.”
Materials: Many materials will be provided for use during the workshop. Participants may bring their own drawing and painting materials, personal embellishments they may wish to use, and odds and bits they may wish to share. A variety of journals and sketchbooks will also be available to purchase.
Instructor: Meta Strick, $25, 4 hours
Max  20 students    

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