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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Is there a registration fee?
A   There is no registration fee.

Q What is included in the cost?
A  Your accommodations, all meals, all events, your workspace, space to sell your creations, opportunity to sell supplies, and all demos.

Q What is not included in the cost?
A You must bring your own (twin size bed) blanket, sheets and pillow. (If traveling by air, rolling these items in specialty bags that suck out air works especially well). Any workshops you wish to take are also priced separately.

Q  How do I sign up?
A Print the registration form, complete and mail it with your check; or use PayPal.

Q  Where do I send my check?
A Make your check to: PCCMMRetreat, mail it with your registration form to: Anne Bowers, 229 Gas Co. Road, Mount Morris, PA 15349.

Q What are the accommodations like?
A  They are air-conditioned, campus residence hall suites, single and double rooms. There are 2 rooms to a suite with one private bath per suite and shared living room.

Q What if I lose my room key card, can I get a replacement?
A Yes, and there is a replacement fee of $25.

Q  What hours will the workroom be open?
A 7am to 12 midnight every day of the retreat

Q  What supplies should I bring?
A  Bring everything you will need to work on your art during the week. If you forget something, there will surely be someone there who has it that you can borrow!

Q Are there craft stores nearby?
A Yes. Michaels, A.C. Moore, and JoAnn’s are a 30 minute drive from Shepherdstown.  Polymer Clay Express is a 90 minute drive from Shepherdstown. You will get directions to these with your registration packet.
Q  I’m a vegetarian - will there be food for me at the retreat?
A  Yes, meals are buffet-style with a wide variety of foods. The selections are big and they change daily.  

Q  What is a swap?
A  The swap is something made for another person and you get one of theirs in return. They may be whatever your specialty is, jewelry, an artist trading card, a little book, beads, paper, fiber art item, and so on. We will place each item in a brown bag, and those who sign up will get to pick a bag out of the box. Be sure to include your name on the piece or insert a card with your piece.

Q Is it safe to walk on the Shepherd campus after dark?
A It is a safe region in general but of course, common sense should be used as in any area. The campus grounds are regularly patrolled by campus police, and secured exterior doors are periodically checked. Lighting is installed along most popular pedestrian lanes of traffic on the campus. You may telephone campus police for an escort if walking from one campus location to another during night hours.

Q Can I bring my partner or spouse?
A Yes, both of you would have to register as an attendee and as double accommodations.

Q  What are the demos?
A Various demos will be decided on at the retreat, as our attendees volunteer to demo their skills. They will be continuous and announced daily throughout the week.

Q  Are there any other attractions in the immediate area?
Shepherd University is located in the very arty town of Shepherdstown,WV. There are many local unique shops and cafes to wonder around in, plus major shopping areas close by.

Q  Whom do I contact for more info?
A  Please send an email to

Q  Can I sign up for any more mini-workshops besides the ones I indicated on the registration form?
A  Yes. As long as there is room for more students in each workshop.  

Q How do I find out more information about each workshop?  
A You may contact each instructor by emailing them using the link provided.

Q Are there laundry facilities available? 
A Yes. All residence halls have free clothes washers and dryers. You should bring your own detergent, or you may purchase it at the student bookstore inside the student center building.

Q Are there banks close by? 
A Yes. Three banks are conveniently located in the Shepherdstown area. All have ATM’s which honor most nationally recognized ATM cards. An ATM machine is also located in the 1st floor lobby of the Student Center.

Q Will W.Va sales tax be collected on purchases? 
A Yes. All vendors who sell at the retreat need to know they are required by the State of West Virginia to collect and remit sales tax. Depending on your sales volume last year (if less than $4000) your business licence is either free, or costs $30.The application is quick and easy on line - and takes four weeks to process. Apply online: West Virginia sales tax info:

Q Will anyone be available in the residence halls should I have questions?  
A A notice will be posted in the lobby or service center of each residence hall listing the hours. An emergency number will also be posted should you need assistance in the residence halls after normal business hours. During regular office hours Monday through Friday (8:00am to 4:30pm), you may call the conference office, (304)876-5497, for assistance.

Q Is there transportation available from the airport?  
A Yes. The Clarion Hotel in Shepherdstown will provide transportation from Dulles at $82.60 [EACH WAY]. Contact Angie Kutcher [304-876-7000] with your name, flight information and your cell # to add to their schedule. They are very flexible and can accommodate any arrival time. After you have been added, Angie will send you a confirmation with pick-up location, driver name, cell #, and car description. Angie’s email is


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